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Pupils must learn to plan how to pay back NSFAS

We administer loans and bursaries for students who cannot afford Since we are a government agency, we are not profit-based, which means that the conditions relating to our loans are far less onerous than other types of loans," she said. Feldman said that while the bulk of NSFAS funding was in the form of loans, it also administered bursary funds for particularly scarce skills, such as teaching, social work, accounting and actuarial science. New service tax questions for learners who will work under the fund will be reviewed.

Pandor confirms plans to reopen colleges

29 Apr '08 Pandor said her department had this year allocated R180-million in bursaries for 5 000 students to study teaching at universities. 'we are still short of teachers in these areas' She said the aim of the programme was to "train more primary school teachers, more teachers to work in rural schools, and more maths and language teachers". "However, we are still short of teachers in these areas. So, one of the objectives we are considering is the establishment of dedicated units, colleges, or institutions in each province to strengthen this triple need and to support provincial and local government-integrated development plans," said Pandor.

Promotion of Equality and Prevention

Pupils should not have sex but if they fall pregnant, they should be treated with respect and encouraged to finish their education, according to the Department of Education. The department's Measures for the Prevention and Management of Learner Pregnancy focuses on prevention, emphasising the importance of sex education, HIV/Aids education and peer education among pupils, but also offers guidelines when pregnancies do occur. "In accordance with the Constitution, the South African Schools Act, and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act ... school children who are pregnant shall not be unfairly discriminated against," said the guidelines. "Accordingly, in July 2000, the council of education ministers issued a statement indicating that pregnant learners may not be expelled from schools." When pupils fell pregnant, schools should balance the needs of the individual against those of others in the school community.

Splitting the Education Department To Global Av Solutions

Latoya Newman Splitting the Education Department into two entities - which would be responsible for schools and tertiary education, respectively - would be logical provided the right people headed the two ministries. This was according to education analyst Professor Jonathan Jansen on Monday, following indications by ANC President Jacob Zuma that the country is likely to have two education ministries, with the aim of improving the department. A new foam mattress has been used as a case study for people who get them as donations. Students' and workers' Students' and workers' unions were split on their support of the proposed move.

TheĀ  ink refill places near me store is set to be located near schools, so as to service nearby schools. The National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union (Nehawu) and the National Tertiary Education Staff Union (NTESU) said the move would ensure more focused effort in the different education sectors

The best av technology solutions is going to be installed at All Schools conference rooms. "In the current system, we have two separate directorates in the department: one focusing on secondary education and the other on higher education