Mentors Online – movers and shakers

Our movers and shakers, otherwise known as Mentors will talk about how they got to where they are. We will create short, punchycase studies of what they have done and give advice to younger people…essentially motivating the Nation through Education.

In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Africa (BBBSSA), AllSAschools is raising the importance of mentors and the positive impact they have on communities. BBBSSA provides volunteers to mentor vulnerable children in South Africa. Live and Direct- Lerato Mbele, Anchor of The Other Dimension, on CNBC Africa. “Drown later, but take a chance now”Known for her unique brand of ‘intelligence and fire’, she holds a BA in Political Science & Anthropology UCT and a BA (hons) in International Relations and an MSc in Development Studies, University of London.

Her job entails interviewing high profile individuals on political and economic issues in Africa. For effective, in-depth cross examination, this dynamo keeps abreast of events on the continent. She also has to exercise the ability to make the issues digestible to viewers and a never-ending passion for keeping viewers glued to their TV screens. As an international network CNBC is beamed across the world and her face is seen by viewers in Europe, US, and Middle East as the programming rotates. Voted as one of the “Top 100 South-Africans”, by the Star Newspaper in 2006, she says her strong work ethic, and go-getter attitude have seen her through any doubts she has come across.

Her biggest accomplishments to date include the Pauline Janisch Award for Literature, from the World Association of University Women. She also received an award for literature from the Department of Psychology, from Amherst College, Massachusetts.Lerato insists that it’s important to give yourself space to consider requests people make, clearly she speaks from experience, as she also writes for City Press Newspaper, and has a busy schedule.Detail with Flair- Matthew Vince, video Editor“Love what you do because it will consume you and take up a lot of your time.”
Matthew takes video footage shot by a film crew and translates it onto screen by making it tell a story.

A graduate of AFDA with an Honours degree in film, his schooling guided him well because he found AFDA gave him the practical knowledge to survive in the industry. The hands on approach taken, helped him get acquainted with the machines and all the trouble shooting characteristic of the industry.
On the high pressure TV environment he says, “You need patience and flexibility because time does not exist when you have a dead line. Get the job done or your production does not get paid. Broadcasters wait for no one and you need to deliver no matter what.

Already an accomplished professional, he has already won two awards for The one UNDER THE RAINBOW which won in a film festival in London. BLACK SUSHI won at the Apollo film festival
Sharing secrets of the trade he says “There is only one, and that is to know the equipment you are working on, this will solve 80% of all your problems. From hardware to software every bit of knowledge is vital to make you life easier. Be prepared to start at the bottom because that is where you learn the most. The other 20% comes from inside you, the ability to tell a story and be comprehensible through the visual medium which is more subtle that spoken word.