What Mentoring and Business Auto Insurance Entails

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In some businesses, sure staff have been identified to have mentoring capabilities and are either encouraged by the higher-ups or directly assigned to mentor other individuals in the organization. The mentor, having the natural quality of desiring to help others succeed and learn has a tendency to be drawn into the role of being a mentor by interacting with someone that exhibits the desire and aptitude to learn and grow, as often is the case with new hires or promoted employees. Organizations have been created that facilitate mentoring programs for those that have not had the opportunity to enter into a relationship with a mentor.

Those are all huge resulting factors of mentoring, but if during the process of mentoring, the balancing element of accountability of the mentee is absent, a young mentee can turn all those factors into tools of duplicity, deceit, and deceptiveness whereby the mentee ends up being able to manipulate the mentor. The mentor after having a personal investment in the mentee after the fact, may not recognize that they are being managed or may feel it is an indication that the mentee needs more mentoring. Professional and personal environments foster an environment ripe for the opportunity to mentor others. Mentoring occurs both in subtle and overt ways, sometimes without doing so intentionally. Mentoring can be a productive and positive experience when executed correctly, and it can have disastrous consequences if not, the repercussions of which can ruin relationships and be costly to businesses.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring refers to a professional or personal developmental relationship wherein a more experienced or more knowledgeable person (mentor) helps a less experienced or knowledgeable person (mentee) to develop personally, do a job more effectively or maintain the mentee work towards their career goals. Commonly a mentor is someone who has attained a high level of recognized experience in a particular domain, such as a parent, family member, friend or an adult role model, a manager, executive or other business organizational leader, and sometimes, it is a person most would not recognize as having the ability to be a mentor. Any person with experience can do mentoring, leadership, knowledge and maturity qualities and skills generally attributed to the role.

What are the qualities of a mentor?

The qualities of a mentor are synonymous in many ways with those insurance companies that associate with leadership both in social and business communities. Some of the conditions common to all insurers are they have integrity, are of good character, make decisions, are self-disciplined, selfless, fair, have excellent communication skills, routinely help others reach their potential by empowering them, admit that they make their own mistakes, and have a driven passion for making a difference. Many other qualities and characteristics of insurance firms comprise the composition of the business car insurance quotes provided, but it is unique to each firm, varied, vast and would go on indefinitely.